Art Smart Online is a brilliant way for kids to discover art from absolutely anywhere!

Started by international award-winning artist Jaq Grantford (, Art Smart has been inspiring children for the last ten years. Initially with classes after school at school locations.

And now online!

Brilliant artists and instructors take the classes in real-time on Zoom.

We make life easy for arty kids so they are given every opportunity to explore their creativity.

The classes run from the comfort of your own home via a secure virtual classroom.

They run on a term basis, but you can come any time during the term and the price is adjusted accordingly.

We want Art Smart Online to a joyous thing every week for you so we have a few fun things in place to make sure that happens.

  • We have guidelines for the kids to make sure they’re doing the pack up and not you – we give certificates out at the end of the term to kids who help you out by putting things away.

  • We would need you to spend a very quick intro at the start with your child helping them get online, but after you go and relax, only to be surprised later by the masterpiece your child has created.

  • We organise term plans that work in a home environment and use materials that are easy to source and affordable. We try to make it so that the materials needed for each term come either from what you would already have at home, topped up with a single small online order.

    And the kids get so excited about having their art supplies!

  • Our teachers are gorgeous and it’s a brilliant way for your children to meet other kids in a safe and secure platform that is super arty.