What absolutely beautiful flowers

Congratulations to Louein who was star of the week in Vasy's Tuesday group. These flowers show brilliant skill and can you believe that they are done by using fingers to paint?! The class was exploring different techniques through fingerpainting flowers. Beautiful work, Louein.

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Binuri is prolific and super clever

Binuri, our star of the week from Vasy's Tuesday class, has been super busy not only in the class, but also at home. Congratulations, Binuri. There is so much personality in the portrait. And you can really feel the connection between the characters in the group painting. Your work is wonderful!

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Yay for star of the week, Alexa

Alexa painted a beautiful jellyfish in Belinda's class this week, with watercolours on watercolour paper. The textural brushwork she has used really creates a sense of movement with the jellyfish.

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Beautiful work by Lilly

Lilly has been doing some amazing work in Art Smart. Here is her too cute hedgehog and the painting of her puppy Zippy. If that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what would!

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Outstanding dragon by Nikalai

Congratulations on this gorgeous dragon, Nikalai. He shows a great sense of design and a good eye for proportions. And his use of the oil pastel to create depth within the artwork is wonderful.

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