Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, absolutely. Just use the coupon code FREECLASS and you'll receive your first class free.  And if you or your child doesn't want to continue after the first class then we will give you a full refund with no questions asked at all. We understand that people can change their minds about things, and sometimes you just want to try something to see if it's going to work.

We will email you a list of what you need.

We try and organise the classes so much of what is needed you will have at the house, and we supplement it with an order that you can place online, or buy at shops near you. And if you already have some of the things - paints, for example - then there is no need to purchase those particular items in the materials list.

And if you need to purchase things like paint, they will last beyond the art classes, so a good investment.

We will ask you for your help initially getting the kids into the virtual classroom, but then we take it from there.

Go relax.

There is a billing tab in your account and that will have the invoice for you.

Just log in via the website, click on 'billing' which is up the top and then click on pending invoices. This will open a page with a list of your invoices. If you click on the invoice number that will bring up a page with payment options.

We will send you a link to your class. It's that simple. And each week you'll receive a reminder email with the link in it.

And then Lift off! Yay!

The first time you launch, however, you will need to download Zoom to your computer. You don't need a Zoom account, just the program. Go to to download it. You only need to do this the once before the first class.

This can happen if you have your own personal Zoom account.

We do ask that parents double-check at the start of the class and if necessary, rename their child.

 Easy to do.

  • Click on participants middle bottom of your screen. (If you can't see it, hover your mouse over the bottom part of the screen, and it will appear.)
  • Hover over your name where the names appear to the right.
  • Click 'more.' 
  • Click rename.

We advise that the students wear headphone. It helps keep sound distortions out. It also will help keep the kids' attention on the wonderful art they are doing and diminish household in the background, brothers and sisters running around etc.
 Double-check that your audio isn't on full volume as well. That can often cause the sound to not be at its best.

Most often it's because you need to push the video button on the bottom left of the screen when you're in the virtual classroom. If you look at the left bottom of the screen, you'll see a little video camera. Click on that so that your video is on.

If your screen shows everyone in little boxes equal size, it means that you are in Gallery View.
We recommend that all the students start in Speaker View. This means that whoever is speaking comes up big on the screen.
There is a button top right of the screen that toggles between Gallery and Speaker View.

The first step would be to try and make sure that you are the only person in the house using the internet at that particular time.

Try changing the room you are in to see if there is better reception.

See if using a hotspot from your phone inproves things - though please be aware of data usage with this.

Check to see you have the correct system requirements.

You can visit this link to see the requirements with Zoom

Zoom System Requirements

It's very simple to come along to a catch-up class on a different afternoon.

Also, we record the classes so you can watch a recording as well.

We don't offer refunds for missed classes. However, if you know in advance that you are going to be away at the start of the term we can alter the invoice for you, or give you a coupon code to take those classes off.

If you tell us in advance before the term starts that you are going to be away we can alter the invoice for you so you only pay for the classes that you are attending.